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When you do not have the time for the gym, our Everfit Vibration Machine is all you need to keep yourself in shape. A 15-minute workout on the vibration machine is equivalent to double the time spent on swimming, yoga and sit-ups, and almost 60 minutes of jogging and riding. A very efficient use of precious time to get your body shaped and toned quickly. Operating the machine is super easy with the digital and remote controls. Just set the time, speed and intensity and you are good to go. The stepper even has a point-massage surface so that you can enjoy reflexology while working out. Our vibration machine features a powerful dual-belt motor that is designed to be durable, stable and safe. With a weight capacity of up to 150kg, it is the perfect fitness trainer for people of all ages. Plus, the machine comes with a set of resistance bands for those keen on more intense workouts. Getting fit and losing weight can be a feel-good experience. And it is even better with our vibration machine, with a whole lot of shaking fun going on.

Features Piano paint and ABS paint Point-massage stepper surface Inbuilt fuse for motor protection Non-slip rubber feet Time and speed display Comes with resistance bands and remote control 120kg capacity SAA-approved plug

Specifications: Up and down Frequency: 7hz-15hz Speed Levels: 120 Voltage: 220V-240V Weight Capacity: 120kg Dimensions: 52cm x 32cm x 12cm Colour: Red

Package Content1 x Vibration machine 1 x Resistance bands pair  1 x Remote control 1 x User manual