Portable Sports Net Stand - 3m 3ft Blue

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If you and your family and friends enjoy tennis, volleyball or badminton, then the Portable Sports Net is just perfect for your game play. The sports net can be used for variety of sports not limited to just the normal types of net games. Fact is, you can go creative and use it for soccer tennis or any game that involves a net. The sports net is built to be stronger and sturdier with a heavier black powder-coated steel frame than others in the market. This allows it to stand up better to use in windy or robust play. The net height is highly adjustable to suit the players, adults or children, and can be set high, low or anything in between. It comes with quality connections, a PE mesh net and enhanced Oxford fabric stitching to ensure durability. The sports net can be rigged up indoors or outdoors in practically any environment where safe play is available. Better still, it is stored in a handy carry bag for travel to any game location.

Features Portable sports net Suitable for various sport (Badminton, tennis, volleyball etc) Height adjustable Quick setup Lightweight to carry around Durable net setting
Great stability

NOTE:90cm shorter than standard volleyball net,perfect introduction to volleyball for kids 5 to 9 years old.

Specifications: Frame material: Black powder-coated steel Net material: PE mesh Weight: 4kg Adjustable height: 0.83m-1.6m
Dimensions: 303cm x 103cm x 162cm

Package Content
1 x Portable Sports Net
1 Set x Accessories
1 x Assemble Instruction